Murder Mystery Team Events

The Murder Mystery event is an excellent opportunity for teams to get together for an entertaining session of problem solving and intrigue!

The mystery is played out by a small group of actors and the audience are there to solve the crime. This requires no acting from the audience, but they will need to keep their wits about them for noticing clues and evidence.

What to Expect

As soon as everyone has arrived in the venue, a murder occurs and the police are called. The participants are invited to help solve the mystery, in teams.  The team with most clues at the end of the evening gets a bottle of bubbly!

The event can be structured around a meal (with scenes happening between the courses), on a ‘promenade’ basis (with the participants moving around the venue) or as a series of scenes (with ‘intervals’ for the teams to write down their suspicions, clues etc!).


The Business Case

Whilst the event is designed for entertainment, the teams will be tested on (and need to demonstrate) the following skills:

  • Listening and observation (to picking out details)
  • Analytical questioning (to filter relevant vs irrelevant data)
  • Critical thinking (to determine the most logical answer)
  • Problems solving and creativity (to put the whole picture together)
  • Team-working (to work as a team in agreeing a solution)
  • Communication (to provide a concise summary and reasoning of ‘who-dunnit’ and ‘who-dint-dunnit’!)

The event is designed for approx 10-50 people.


About the Actors

Imaginarium have the pleasure of introducing 368 THEATRE CO.

368 is a professional theatre company that has been performing murder mystery events since 1996, in a variety of venues, including restaurants, theatres, hotels, castles, at business events and private dinner parties, on a steam train and at Arundel Jailhouse.

They write a new murder script every month, set in the same village (rather like ‘Midsomer Murders’!) which means that they attract regular loyal followers keen to see ‘what happens next’!

 “The murder mystery was well constructed – in the best traditions of Agatha Christie, every clue was scrupulously presented amongst all the red herrings. 368 Theatre Company staged a stunning performance which cleverly combined some serious and convincing acting with a light, soufflé style approach. Very appropriate.”



It was amazing and nothing like the team expected our ‘team-building’ afternoon to be! Thank you Joe Cheal, Nigel, Kat & Radley for a brilliant, fun and unusual event. Highly recommended!

Carolyn Jones
HR Manager
Innovative Trials