Driving Your Destiny

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“A book of inspiration!”

Samantha Cooper (Director of Professional Development)


Driving Your Destiny is a collection of ‘Bits and Pieces’… An ‘interactive’ book of evolving tools, tips, models, concepts, techniques, processes, questions, thoughts, reflections, philosophies, mindsets… inspired by the strategies of the most successful, motivated and happy people the author has encountered in his lifetime.


In the book, there are 125 practical, easy-read ‘pieces’ exploring such topics as resilience, motivation, confidence, purpose, progression, success, happiness, achieving goals, networking, influence, success at interviews, finding work-life balance and handling difficult situations.


Make the most of your achievements

Develop your brand and profile

Broaden and strengthen your connectivity


Driving Your Destiny is designed to provoke your thinking and inspire you to take the actions that will get you the results you want.



“A useful and inspiring guide for everyone, whether beginning on this journey for the first time or more experienced at managing their careers. Every section provides some useful hints and tips which could act as a reminder or provide the starting point for more detailed exploration of the subject.”

Samantha Cooper (Director of Professional Development)


“Absolutely loved this book – so very relevant right now. At times it felt like a warm reassuring hug and at other times pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone. The format is brilliant too. An unmissable read for anyone wondering just how they are going to get from A to B!”

Justine Bishop (Paralegal)



1.Now is the Time…
2.The Driving Seat
3.The Resilient Career
4.What Drives Success?
7.Connection and Credibility
10.The Persistence/Flexibility Combo
11.Is Success About Being Lucky
12.Meet You at the Crossroads!
13.When Opportunity Knocks!
14.A Perpetual State of Readiness!
15.All-Ready Employed?
16.Thinking of Starting a Business?
17.Where is Your Career Focus?
18.Be Your Own Career Coach!
19.Circles of Influence
20.Out of Control: Into Control
21.Goals are not Gaols!
22.Those That Achieve Goals & Those That Do not
23.The Language of Goal Motivation
24.When Goals Seem Out of Reach
25.Adding Flexibility to Tough Goals
26.The Destination is in the Journey!
27.Do Some Modelling!
28.Modelling Confidence
29.Modelling Metaphors in Nature
30.And the Journey Always Starts Here
31.Start with Your Purpose
32.…the Purpose of Being
33.And What is Your Story?
34.Understand Your Values
35.What Makes Your Heart Sing?
36.Finding Good Company
37.Understand Your Belief Bubble
38.Understand Your Bias
39.How Do You See the World?
40.Resilience is Fundamental…
41.Retrain Your Brain (When Under Strain)
42.Give Your Brain a Dose of Happy!
43.Positive States Sheet
44.Wonderfully Unwonderful!
45.Be Mindful of Your Choices
46.The Zero Point
47.What to do with the ‘Inner Critic’
48.What to do with the ‘Inner Worrier’
49.The Landscape of Experience
50.Seeking Feedback
52.The Assertive You!
53.Put on Your Presenter Shoes!
54.Find (& Fine Tune) Your Voice
55.Close the Gap: Get Connected
56.What Makes and Breaks Rapport
57.The Foundations of Persuasion
58.Prepare to Persuade
59.What is Important to Them?
60.Making Your Case
61.How to Get A Salary Increase
62.Understanding the Political Game
63.Being Impeccable
64.How to Get Realistic… About Time
65.Pathways to Progression
66.The A-B-C of Progression
67.Why Do Some People Not Progress?
69.The Achievement Tracker
70.Your Resource Pot
71.Your Brand Awareness
72.What Creates a ‘Wrong’ Brand?
73.Employed Means Self-Employed!
74.Your Legacy
75.Assess Your Confidence
76.Access Your Confidence
77.Spontaneous Confidence When Put ‘On the Spot’
78.Addressing Imposter Syndrome
79.Your Online Presence
80.See Yourself Through Another’s Eyes
81.Develop Your Organisational Intelligence
82.Demonstrate Organisational Level Thinking
83.Demonstrate Organisational Values
84.Being Seen and Heard in Meetings
86.The Credible Thank-you!
87.Be the Positive Force for Change
88.Connectivity: The ‘Right People’
89.Approaching The ‘Right People’
90.The Benefits of Mentoring
91.Broaden Your Connectivity
92.Blowing Your Own Trumpet!
93.The Flexible CV
94.Interviews: Be the Right Person
95.Interview Preparation
96.Interview Readiness
97.Questions About the Job
98.Questions About You
99.Tough Interview Questions
100.Interviews: On Your Best Behaviour
101.Networking: Why and Wherefore
102.Make Networking Easier
103.Networking Presence and Panache!
104.What’s in a Name?
105.Build Your Online Network
106.Interacting Online
107.How to Dissolve Career and Life Dilemmas
108.Effects of Success on Work-Life Balance
109.Being Prepared for Success
110.Not Enough Time
111.Dealing with Pressure
112.Working from Home
113.Not Sleeping Well?
114.‘No Opportunities’ and ‘No Experience’ Traps
115.It’s Not Me… (Oh Dear! Maybe It Is Me!)
116.Dealing with Difficult Behaviours
117.How to Handle Conflict
118.Dealing with Resistance
119.Making the Best of Change
120.Predicting Change
121.Psychological Reactions to Crisis & Change
122.Certain Uncertainty
123.A Lack of Direction from Others
124.A Lack of Direction from Yourself
125.Your New Job: First Impressions