Coaching & Mentoring

lightAt the Imaginarium, we offer a range of coaching and mentoring services, including:
  • Coaching clinics
  • Performance coaching and mentoring
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Coaching training (including Association for Coaching Diploma)

The Imaginarium Approach

In working with clients, our aim is ‘to help make life easier in an ever more complex world’. In order to deliver this, we utilise a flexible, collaborative style of coaching, working with a client to expand their knowledge and resources and to help them to develop their own solutions to the challenges they face and the outcomes they want to achieve. We also seek to work on a number of levels, helping them to gain multiple perspectives on situations as well as forging practical real-world solutions.

To allow for our dynamic approach to coaching and mentoring, we developed the Imaginarium Coaching Matrix:

Coaching Clinics

A half-day or full-day booked out for individuals in your organisation. Can be used for ‘Performance Coaching’ and ‘Executive Coaching’ (see below).

Performance Coaching & Mentoring

Performance coaching can be described as one-to-one training to develop skills and confidence, in particular management and/or interpersonal skills. At the Imaginarium we can offer performance coaching for a range of topics including:

  • Wellbeing and resilience
  • Presentation skills
  • Practical management skills
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Coaching skills
  • Career development and interview preparation
  • English language skills

For more topics, see our range of training courses (in Learning & Development).

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching is for senior managers, executives and directors who are looking for coaching and mentoring outside their own organisation. There are many benefits to such coaching. The more senior a position, the harder it can be to find someone to confide in (especially that you do not have to relate to within the business). Using an external coach provides a safe environment to explore new and even risky ideas, to discuss personal development, career development, leadership training, strategic planning and even sensitive management issues in confidence.

Executive coaching should not be confused with counselling where the focus is
therapeutic. In executive coaching the approach is:

  • Action centred and solution focused.
  • Goal orientated.
  • Facilitated professional and personal development.
  • Aimed at increased performance in the area of interpersonal skills professionally.
  • To set agreed boundaries on subject matter with the emphasis on the work place.

Coaching Training (Including Diploma)

As well as corporate/management coaching skills courses, we can also offer qualifications with The Association for Coaching (AC), a world leading professional body for personal, professional and business coaching. They are helping to set standards and maintain a professional framework for coaches both within organisations and freelance consultants. For this reason we decided to change our accrediting and recognition body to AC. We already have our Level 7 course accredited as a full Diploma.

At the Imaginarium we have over twenty years experience in training coaches. We offer all our students ongoing support, mentoring and supervision.


I’d like to you thank you for the coaching session. Very helpful and thought stimulating. Will definitely be of help as I navigate the changes that are impacting my work role.

David Sudworth

You supported me to think through two complex situations, which both require negotiation and influencing skills. I felt challenged in my previous thinking, saw the situations from the perspective of the ‘other’ and left the session feeling that I had a new approach to bring to both conversations. I also became clear about my expectations. Your help was invaluable.

Tor Lawrence
Chief Executive
Sussex Wildlife Trust

I’ve learned an enormous amount from you. Doing the course has been very memorable and I’m certain it will be of great use for years to come. Equally importantly, it has been a lot of fun doing the sessions and I’ve looked forward to all of them each month.

Paul Bramwell
Oxford PharmaGenesis Ltd