Case Studies – Return on Investment

It can be challenging to measure specific financial ROI when it comes to management, leadership, wellbeing and interpersonal skills courses/coaching.

Whilst we can sometimes demonstrate a direct link to profit or savings, we work on the principle that effective learning & development is a ‘cost prevention’. For example, consider the cost of an ineffective manager when it comes to demotivating staff and high staff turnover. With effective training and coaching, that manager is now capable of motivating and maintaining their staff. This would be a ‘cost prevention’.

Our approach to measurement however, is to utilise our Imaginarium ROI Model. Wherever possible, we collaborate with our partners to ask the ‘Three ROI Questions’. As well as the immediate post course review (which tells us how the course was received and participants’ learning/applications), we aim for a longer-term/bigger picture review, seeking the perceived benefits for the individual, their team/colleagues and the organisation. This review also helps to remind people of the course material.


Individual Benefits (ASK)

  • Attitude (e.g. confidence, motivation, wellbeing and satisfaction)
  • Skills (e.g. ability to deliver, capability and productivity)
  • Knowledge (e.g. learning and understanding)

Team Benefits (AIM)

  • Achievement (e.g. innovation, ability to achieve more, efficiencies and ‘easier’)
  • Interaction (e.g. improved communications, clarity and direction)
  • Mood (e.g. motivation, improved team mood and reduced conflict/tensions)

Organisational Benefits (PIE)

  • Performance (e.g. profits, savings, cost preventions, efficiencies and competency)
  • Image (e.g. commitment to staff, attracting talent and enhanced company brand)
  • Engagement (e.g. morale, satisfaction, low staff turnover and keeping knowledge)


Example Case Studies

The following examples are in pdf format and outline some of the courses/programmes we have run for our clients… and the reported benefits:

Cambridge University Libraries: Who Stole My Pie?

Institute of Engineering & Technology: Resilience Programme

Mylan Pharma: Supervisor Development Programme

Willmott Dixon: High Impact Presentation Skills

Balfour Beatty: Management Development Programme

Bedfordshire County: Skills for Change